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Terms & Conditions – TaskMash

Taskmash Terms & Conditions



1.1 Please read these Terms of Use (the "Terms") carefully before using the service ("the Service") provided through the website www.taskmash.com. The service is operated and provided by us ("we", "us", "our", "our").


1.2 You, natural or legal person, who register or intend to register an account in the Service, are a user of the same ("User"). Users who apply for tenders in the Service are hereinafter referred to as “Client” and Users who submit tenders in the Service are hereinafter referred to as “tasker”. "Visitor" means both natural and legal persons who visit the Service without being a User.


1.3 Your access to and use of the Service is conditional on you accepting and complying with the Terms. The Terms apply to all Visitors, Users and others who have access to or use the Service and / or any other service mediated through the Service. By visiting or using the Service, you acknowledge that you are bound by the Terms.




2.1 We provide a tool for Users who through the Service can search, submit and accept tenders regarding the performance of various types of services. The Client can use the Service to send out the request for a service to be performed. taskers can then place a bid on this service. The client may, after a tender from taskers, choose to conclude an agreement with taskers regarding the performance of the service by accepting the tender. The assignment performed as a result of the contract is "Mediated service".


2.2 We do not undertake to provide Mediated Services. We are therefore not responsible for the quality or performance of the Mediated Service. Agreements between Client and tasker do not bind us, and such agreement is not regulated in the Terms. Obligations and rights relating to Mediated Services are thus outside our area of ​​responsibility. See more about this in section 11.




3.1 In order for us to provide the Service, we need to collect and process personal information about you. You can read more about how we collect and process your personal data in our personal data policy.




4.1 Users can be either a physical or legal person. You may only register a user account and your user account may only be used by you. To register your account as tasker you must have the right to work in UAE and have a UAE social security number or a coordination number.


4.2 You have the right at any time to stop using the Service and to terminate your user account. The terms will cease to apply to the last mediated service that you are a part of.




5.1 You warrant that you will not use the Service for any purpose that is in violation of any applicable law or the Terms. You are responsible for all activity that occurs within the framework of your use of the Service. We are not responsible for unauthorized access to the Service due to your or other Users' negligence.


5.2 You are responsible for ensuring that all material made available to you through the Service does not infringe any third party's rights or violate any applicable law.


5.3 In the event that we find that anything that you have posted violates applicable law or otherwise may cause harm to us or third parties, we reserve the right to delete this and / or close your user account. We unilaterally decide if this should happen. Users agree that other Users rate it through the Service.




6.1 We reserve the right to change, cancel and / or terminate the functions of the Service at any given time, including, but not limited to, (i) functionality, (ii) functions and (iii) services, with or without notice. All new functionality, new features or new services launched in the Service are covered by the Terms.


6.2 We undertake to take reasonable steps to keep the Service operational and functioning under such modifications as described above.




7.1 We intend to keep the Service available every day of the year, but reserve the right, in the event of updates and / or maintenance, to shut down the Service or parts of the Service. We are not responsible for any interruptions in the availability of the Service that may occur due to defective internet connection, interference with the web host or the maintenance of the Service.




8.1 We use a third party electronic payment solution, in Stripe Connect. In order to use the Service, the User must agree to Stripe Connect's terms of use, which is done in connection with the registration. Stripe Connect will then have access to some of your personal information in order to be able to mediate payment between the Client, tasker and us (you can read more about this in our personal data policy). Stripe Connect accepts payment with the more common payment cards such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express. See more below Stripe Connect's Terms of Service .


8.2 As the Client, payment must be made when you choose to accept a tender from a tasker. For the mediation of the service, we will charge 15% of the compensation that the Client will pay the tasker for the work performed. Payment is then made when the Client approves the mediated service performed, whereupon payment to the taskers specified bank account is made within 2-7 business days. Mediation of the remuneration to tasker does not in any way mean that tasker is in employment or contractual relationship with us.


8.3 You agree that we will not be liable for any loss arising from the unauthorized use of a debit card, or other payment method, by a third party in connection with your use of the Service.




9.1 In the event that tasker does not appear or is so delayed that the Mediated Service cannot be performed, the entire compensation will be refunded to the Client. Since each case is unique, we reserve the right to judge when it can be considered that you are so late that repayment should be paid. If you as a Client are not satisfied with the Service, you can in some cases receive a refund. In such cases, we reserve the right to collect our compensation under clause 8.2 of the Mediated Service. The repayment is made within 30 days of the date of execution of the assignment. In cases where assignments are not approved by the Client due to quality reasons, the compensation may still be paid to tasker, read more under item 11.


9.2 If a tasker does not show up to perform a mediated service, or does not show up according to the agreed time, we may suspend the tasker's user account in accordance with point 5.3.


9.3 If tasker's cancellations, in which tasker was the cancellation party, exceed a figure of 5% during the last 60 days, tasker's profile may be reviewed, which may result in a temporary suspension of tasker's user account in accordance with point 5.3. 


Taskmash reserves the right to maintain contact between tasker and the customer for the next 3 years from the date an assignment linked to the customer was published on the platform.




10.1 We own all rights, including intellectual property rights to the Service, including but not limited to process, method, software and design. You do not obtain any intellectual property rights to the Service or any of the material created therein. It is therefore prohibited, without our consent, to make copies, regardless of the technology used, of all or part of the content of the Service. Without such consent, it is also prohibited to make all or part of the content of the Service available to the public through the use of the Internet or otherwise.


10.2 When linking to the Service, it must always be opened in a new window. It is not allowed to link in such a way that the content of the Service is at risk of being distorted or misunderstood.




11.1 We are not responsible for technical errors, or hardware or software errors. We are also not responsible for any lost or inaccessible network connections, or disconnections from your user account. We do not promise that the Service will meet your requirements or expectations of it, or that the use of the Service will be uninterrupted or free of errors.


11.2 We will do everything we can to ensure that the Service meets your expectations and in the event of a failure of the Service, we will do everything we can to find a good solution for you. However, we are only a mediator of services and in the event that you happen to, directly or indirectly, damage or loss caused or alleged to have been caused by, or in connection with, the use of the Service or Mediated Service, you accept that we are not responsible or liable. Therefore, in the event of injury or loss in the case of Mediated Services, the Client should contact the tasker who undertook to perform Mediated Service. 


11.3 When the Client and tasker enter into an agreement for the performance of the Mediated Service, it is the responsibility of tasker to perform the service in the manner agreed. It is the responsibility of the Client to appear at the place and at the time agreed to receive the service from tasker. We are not a party to the agreement and thus have no liability to Users for agreements they have made with each other through the use of the Service. We also have no obligation to provide services to the Client, and take no responsibility if tasker is delayed in the performance of the Mediated Service or its nature.


11.4 As only a service provider, we do not undertake and / or undertake to resolve any disputes between Users. Any disputes must therefore be resolved directly between Users, without our involvement.




12.1 Except for cases where we have acted grossly carelessly, we are always exempt from liability for violations of the Terms caused by events beyond our control, such as, but not limited to, water damage, lightning, fire, power failure, strike, war, mobilization or military summons of greater scope, new or amended legislation, requisition, seizure, governmental action, government regulations, labor market conflict and similar circumstances. If there is an obstacle for us to make the Service available or take other action due to circumstances in this paragraph, the action may be postponed until the obstacle has ceased.




13.1 Purchase and sale of Brokered Services may result in tax liabilities of various kinds. You are solely responsible for any tax consequences that may arise from the use of the Service. 




14.1 We always strive to have satisfied Users and therefore recommend that you contact us directly with any comments and / or complaints.


14.2 You must advertise any errors or omissions in the Service that affect you in a harmful way. Complaints are made to support@taskmash.com as soon as you discover errors or defects in the Service.




15.1 We have the right, at any time and for any reason, to change the Terms by publishing the changed terms in the Service. Such terms and conditions shall automatically commence thirty (30) days after they have been published in the Service or otherwise approved by you. By visiting or using the Service, you acknowledge that such changes may occur and that you are responsible for keeping up to date on any changes.




16.1 If any provision of the Terms is considered in whole or in part to be invalid or cannot be enforced, the provision shall be limited, amended or separated as little as possible to ensure its validity, so that the Terms may otherwise remain in full force, effect and enforceability. .




17.1 Australian Terms and Conditions shall apply to the Terms and the Service. Disputes arising as a result of the Terms and / or the Service shall be settled in public court, whereby Brisbane District Court shall be the first instance.

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