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FAQ – TaskMash

We've compiled a list of common questions and answers

Below you will find answers to the most common questions regarding the use of our service. If you have questions that you do not find the answer to or requests for something you do not have / feedback to us, you can easily write to us in the chat or email us at  support@taskmash.com

  • How do I delete my account?

    If you want to delete your account, please navigate to your account settings in the dashboard then simply click delete account.You can also contact us via email: support@taskmash.com  We will make sure your profile is completely deleted. If you just need a break you can also deactivate your account and reinstate it later.

  • Who can see my personal information?

    We are committed to protecting your identity and personal information so we only show your chosen screen name to viewers. It is only when you hire a Tasker for your task that we share contact information (phone number and email).


Questions that concern you as a client:

  • Does it cost anything to create a task and make an inquiry?

    No, it costs  nothing  for you to post a task. You only pay when you have found and hired a Tasker that suits your particular mission.

  • How do I create a task?

    You quickly and easily post a task completely free of charge by clicking the “post a task” button anywhere on the website. 

    • - Enter a title and detailed description of the task and take a picture (optional)
    • - Decide where and when you want it done. Tasks can be done in-person or completely remotely.
    • - Set a price that reflects your budget - and that’s it, your task will now be posted and you can sit back and wait for the taskers to make a bid.
  • How do I know when I receive a bid on my task?

    When you have set up a task, you will soon receive answers from various Taskers in the vicinity who ask you to perform your task. You get notifications when taskers place bids, so be sure to check the website or your emails to stay updated. You can then check which Tasker suits your task best. You can click on their profile to read more about them and see what reviews and ratings they received from previous clients as well as portfolio, skills, and much more.

  • How long does it take to get bids from Taskers who want to complete my task?

    It depends on the nature of the task you posted but in most cases you usually have bids within a few minutes. We are growing very fast right now and are constantly getting more Taskers with new skills.

  • Can I hire more people?

    You can write in your inquiry / description that you are looking for more people (eg 2 people are required for removal assistance), but the payment goes to one person. They can then share the money among themselves.

  • How do I know if a Tasker has the skills required?

    Each Tasker can leave in their profile a description of themselves and their skills. When Tasker has completed his first assignment, the client can certify that Tasker’s skills are correct by giving a rating and review.

  • How do I know I can trust my Tasker?

    Our ratings and reviews show what other people think of the Tasker you are considering hiring. With good reviews and high grades, you can feel safe.

  • How do I contact a Tasker who has bid on my task?

    Inside the website, under the ‘My Tasks’ tab you can see the people who bid on your task. Before choosing any of these, you can ask questions and contact them via chat. To select a Tasker, simply click on the “Hire Now” button. When you have chosen to hire someone, you are asked to deposit the money into Taskmash pay account , which is kept in safe custody and paid out to your Tasker only when you are satisfied and the job is done. Once you have selected a person, you will receive their contact information and can begin getting your task done.

  • When do I get a bid?

    As soon as you create your task, a notification goes out to nearby Taskers who can immediately bid and comment on the assignment. The response time usually depends on where you are and the type of task, but it is not uncommon for Taskers to start bidding on the assignment within half an hour and that the assignment is already awarded within 1 hour.

  • How high will the bids be?

    Since most tasks differ in some way, it is difficult to put a price tag on each type of assignment. 

  • Why can't I get a bid for my task?

    That you do not receive any bids for your task may depend on the area you are in. We are currently the largest in Dubai, which means that you may not receive bids as quickly on an assignment in other parts of the country. 

  • How to pay?

    Once you have selected a Tasker by clicking on “Hire Now”, you can easily pay the money via card to the secure Taskmash account where the money is kept in safe custody until you are satisfied with the performance of your task. We provide this solution as requested by our customers. The money is held safe until both parties have fulfilled their obligations. Payment is easy and secure via our website. Of course, if the Tasker would not show up, you will receive a full refund.

  • How much should I pay?

    You decide for yourself what price you are willing to pay. In order to increase the number of Taskers who become interested in performing your task, you should price the task at a reasonable rate. One tip is to estimate how many hours you think it will take and what you are willing to pay per hour.

  • Why do I have to pay in advance?

    In order for everyone to feel safe, Taskmash's policy is to pay the money to us and to keep it until the task is completed. Only then will the sum be paid to the tasker you have chosen to hire. With this system, a client never has to pay for a task that was not performed and the Tasker gets a guarantee that money will be paid out for a completed task. 

  • What do I do if the Tasker who is going to perform my task is unable to complete or I cannot get hold of my Tasker?

    If for some reason you cannot get hold of your Tasker or the person cannot come then you should open a dispute on the website or email us at support@taskmash.com then we can help with refunding or finding a different Tasker to complete the job.

  • Can I start performing tasks if I have already registered as a client?

    Yes, you can be both an Employer and Tasker at the same time, simply press the ‘switch account’ button to toggle between user types.

  • Can I cancel/remove a task?

    You can easily remove a task posted if you do not receive a bid or simply change your mind. To do this, go into the ‘my task’ tab on the website and then click ‘cancel job’. If you have already hired a Tasker and set a time with one, you will no longer be able to cancel or delete the task. In this case you can contact us at support@taskmash.com

  • How do I mark that the task has been completed successfully?

    When you have received help and the task is completed, you log into the website, click on your task (most easily by selecting "My tasks" in the menu) and click on "task completed". When approving the assignment, you can also rate the Tasker and leave a review on their profile. When you have marked the task as complete, the money is transferred to the Runner.


Questions that concern you as a Tasker:

  • How do I become a Tasker and perform tasks?

    To become a Tasker, you must first sign up on our website, you then need to confirm your email address you will now be able to get started and bid on tasks. You can look for tasks on the website under “Browse tasks” in the menu.

  • How do I know if I have been selected to perform the task?

    If you have been selected, we send out an email to both you and the client where your respective contact details are located. You should then contact each other immediately to decide on time and date to complete the task.

  • What does it mean to bid for a task?

    When you place a bid on a task you should see it as binding, ie you should keep time and date open so that the client can choose you. Therefore, make sure you still have the opportunity to help as long as the task is active. So you should be sure that you can help. Should you suddenly be unable to help, notify the client or us directly! You can remove a bid on a task at anytime from the ‘My tasks’ section.

  • How do I know how high my bid should be?

    It is always difficult to determine how high a bid should be. By being hired and performing several tasks you will get a feel for the scope of the tasks and can then make reasonable bids. Keep in mind that it is always good to place slightly lower bids in the beginning to get your first reviews and ratings.

  • Can I take multiple tasks on the same day?

    Sure you can! As long as the job can be done within a specified time frame. Keep in mind that your grades and reviews are dependent on the tasks being done on time, so make sure you do not take on more than you can deliver with a smile!

  • How do I decline a task for which I was hired?

    If you have already been hired, you cannot decline the task. You can back out of a task by removing a bid you made, before the client selected you. It is therefore important that you are confident that you can perform the task before you place a bid. If something unexpected should happen, please contact the client and try to change the time and date. If this is not possible, you can also contact us via chat or by emailing us at support@taskmash.com and we will try to help you!

  • How do I get paid?

    You easily get paid through either Paypal or directly to your bank account. When you have completed a task, it is important that you mark it as completed. When this is done, the client receives a notice to also approve the task, which triggers a payment to you as the Tasker. It can take up to 7 business days to get paid but usually it arrives much faster.

  • How does Taskmash's payment system work?

    Taskmash collaborates with  Stripe,  which handles all incoming payments. Since we are always paid before an assignment is completed, you can feel secure and know for sure that you will be paid if you have performed the task well. Our clients pay easily with cards and the money is kept locked until you as the Tasker have completed the assignment. Payments are made entirely automatically.

  • How much do I earn as a Tasker?

    As a Tasker, you can choose what you want to bid for the tasks placed on the website. All Taskers bid on the taskers they want and can perform and the client chooses who he or she wants to hire.. Just remember that the bid must be attractive enough for the client to want to hire you as a Tasker. Taskmash currently charges a mediation fee of 15% on the total amount.

  • When do I get the money?

    When the task is completed, you, as the Tasker, enter the website and mark the task as completed. When the client then marks the task as completed, the money is paid out and is in the bank account  or paypal account you specified in connection with the registration within 2 - 7 business days.


we're giving you 20 AED towards your first task



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